Good health care is costly in Singapore


A medical insurance is which cover your hospitalization expenses but with limited coverage compare to the health insurance. To claim medical insurance you can either go cashless or for reimbursement process. To get a quality health care in Singapore is expensive. For all the expats working here the medical insurance is must. Most of the medical insurance you get in the Singapore covers only the basic medical needs. Once the employee medical insurance plan is done then you can add on the extra coverage according to your requirement.

Some of the options of add-ons which you can add on medical insurance

Maternity insurance: Medical treatment for the pregnant ladies in Singapore can be costly. To be on safer side and to protect you and your kid from the starting it is must to take the maternity insurance. Else the situation will be so worst that you might take many years to just pay back the medical cost occurred during your pregnancy. No one would like to go into such condition.

GP and specialist: Having ongoing general practitioners is part of any health insurance. The General practitioners provide treat to all common heath issues and refer to the other specialist based on the condition of the person.  They look in to all the health related aspects of a person like physical, psychological and social.

Hospital and surgical care: As all of us know how costly and surgery can be and that too in a country where which is among the world’s most expensive country in the health care. It is always better to have surgical and good hospital coverage in your medical insurance. It is better to be safe then regret later for all the expenses and the burden of that in your financial condition.

Dental insurance: At any age you can face a dental issue, but the most common age to get the dental problems are when you grow old like you might go through the root canal etc. To face all these expenses either you should have good saving or else you should have a medical insurance which covers the dental issues. One more reason that you should have this insurance is the dental problem can lead to many other health issues the harmful level of bad bacteria can deteriorate the conditions such as diabetes and heart problems if these bad bacteria enter into the blood stream.

For most you the company where your working might cover the medical insurance, just give thought does your medical insurance which is provided by employer is sufficient or you need any add-ons. If you need any add-ons then get in touch with expat team they will guide you to have a better medical insurance plan.