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Hardwood Floors in Highland, IL: Different Methods to Maintain the Hardwood Floors

Have problems with your hardwood floors? Isn’t it irritating to look for different hacks to keep the wooden floors properly? However, the hardwood floors bear a lot, such as dirt and saltwater in summers, rain in spring, snow, ice in winters, and much more. Even after all this, it stands firm and shows its ability to last long. When your floor does so much to make you happy, why don’t you take the responsibility to keep it clean and firm to make it last long! So, here are some ways that you should do to maintain your hardwood floors for years.

How do you take care of the hardwood floors?

  1. Cleaning the spills or stains immediately

If you see any spill or stains on the hardwood floors, take a dry cloth and wipe it off. It will cause damage to the wood over time if not cleaned. The woods swell and shrink effortlessly, and it results in its damage. If the hardwood gets more or less moisture, it starts to split. So, the best way to prevent these issues is to clean up the spills immediately and keep your room’s temperature as per the requirements of the floor. Also, avoid walking with wet shoes on the hardwood floors.

  1. Sweep and mop regularly

It is the best recommendation to keep the floors firm and clean. It doesn’t matter whether you are walking barefoot on the floor dust forms by itself. So, sweeping it daily and mopping it helps to clean the dust. Also, it helps to maintain hygiene at home for kids and pets.

  1. Using furniture pads for scratches

Do you deal with unwanted scratches? It is the most challenging part of solving every hardwood flooring issue. Scratches can occur due to the moving of furniture. So, use the furniture pads to protect the flooring from getting scratched. Buy pads for your chairs tables, and use them.

  1. Re-finishing every 3-4 years

Yes, it is mandatory to re-finish the hardwood floors every 3-4 years. When you find the woods looking dull, realize that it needs recoating. However, the duration might vary depending on the family and how they keep the flooring.

Cleaning is necessary to maintain the floors. If the floors look good and are in good condition, the whole house appears beautiful. You can check the hardwood floors in Highland, IL, and know the tips that the residents of Highlands use to keep their hardwood flooring last long with a great shine.

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